"Laurie is an amazing yoga teacher.  We have studied with Laurie for over a decade.  Without her careful attention to our specific needs we would never be as flexible or as healthy as we are.  Her approach to yoga is individual due to her extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology.  We expect to continue enjoying Laurie's classes for decades to come."  

 Joan Grenier and Jon Weissman, Granby Ma

"As a classical violinist, my work requires long hours standing.  The demands are strenuous and yoga gets me through the day.  When I came to Laurie for my first private yoga lesson, I had chronic back and neck pain.  That first lesson with Laurie changed my life.  Laurie focused on anatomically specific yoga postures and created a personalized morning yoga routine that flows like a dance.  I quickly became pain free, lost weight, and experienced more energy and focus.  Most importantly Laurie's advice, 'Don't worry about results, just know that you're doing good for yourself by doing yoga.' Little did I know how it would change everything!"

Sarah-Hadley Yakir, New York NY

"Laurie's yoga teaching is excellent for people of all ages who want to relax and strengthen their minds and bodies in an atmosphere of sympathetic and good humored camaraderie.  Her yoga classes have been an indispensable part of my life."

Bambi Brownlow, South Hadley Ma 

"A Laurie massage is a treat - in a safe, comfortable environment, she works out the kinks, knots, and tension that build up in our bodies over time.  Afterwards, I'm good to go for months!!  It's like getting a physical 'clean-slate.'  What a gift!"

Donna Denette, Granby Ma

"What I especially like about Laurie's yoga classes is that she tailors each class to our needs of that day.  This not only provides what each of us needs for our body, but also means that her classes are NEVER boring!"

Peggy Anderson, Granby Ma

"There is no other experience that comes close to a massage from Laurie.  The whole experience from beginning to end is heavenly and the benefits last a lot longer.  The studio is comfortable and beautifully decorated and Laurie is warm and friendly while being totally professional.  She instantly makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.  Her hands are like tension detectors that seek out trouble spots that you weren't even aware of, all the time easing you into a deeper state of relaxation.  It feels so good you never want it to stop.  After the massage I feel relaxed, energized, and a little euphoric and am completely content for a while."

Anna Colangelo, Foxborough Ma

"Laurie's approach to yoga is just what I needed after my knee replacement.  She helped me feel more confident with balance and return of muscle strength.  I also feel so refreshed, and younger than my eighty years."

Ellie Klepacki, South Hadley Ma

"For me, Laurie's yoga class has been a life-altering experience.  Due to a congenital dislocated hip, I spent most of my first 50 years with a limp, little balance, and weak atrophied muscles.  I am a different 'body' today because Laurie not only showed me how to listen to my body, how 'gentle' Yoga addresses my problems, but also that laughing with friends goes a long way to being whole!  Like brushing my teeth, eating my veggies, and taking vitamins, Laurie's Yoga class has become part of my forever healthy lifestyle!  Whether it is in her Yoga class or on her massage table, Laurie embraces us with acceptance, compassion, and an instinctive ability to alleviate our discomforts."

Denise Lapointe, Granby Ma

"I do both yoga and massage with Laurie.  She is a person who exudes personal warmth and caring, as well as an excellent teacher with a deep technical knowledge of the body and yoga.  I love to watch the way she intuits the energy in a room and works with it.  I consider Laurie to be a true healer.  Most of all, she is fun!"

Ann O'Roark, South Hadley Ma

"I am a 67 year old man who had trouble putting on on my socks and cutting my toenails over a year ago.  Now, after Laurie's yoga instruction, I can do these self-care tasks with ease.  Furthermore, about 20 years ago, I injured my back in a construction accident and had some limitations when working on my farm.  I can now do farm work more easily than I could years ago and with less risk of recurring injury.  Life doesn't have to be a steady down hill course.

Laurie has been able to tailor her instruction to my very stiff level with some gradual additions when I am ready to use them.  Going for individual instruction every 2 to 4 weeks along with daily yoga practice at home has been a very positive addition to my daily routine.  Additionally, learning breathing exercises to do after the yoga positions has added a nice mentally quieting experience to my mind that is full of all sorts of stressors. 

Lastly, an occasional massage by Laurie after a period of intense farm work has also been helpful to reduce injury and to work more effectively in my daily tasks.  Done just before yoga instruction, it actually permits a different yoga experience as well as help to recover from the strains of farm work.

Laurie's quiet sense of humor and easy-going way of teaching makes the experience with her quite enjoyable.  I look forward to seeing her as well as look forward to my daily practice.  How lucky I am to have her in my life."

Ben Levy, Granby Ma



62 East St. Granby MA 01033, 413.262.1743, laurie@lauriecameronstudio.com